Served all day



Hank’s Full English
Bacon or black pudding, our famous beans, sausage, hashbrown, fried mushrooms, grilled tomato & choice of wholemeal, white, sourdough or gluten free toast - £8

Bacon & Black Pudding or Gluten Free - £9

Kid’s size portion - £6


Build your own breakfast
(GF option) 
The basics;
Hashbrown, beans, toast, mushroom & tomato - £5


  • Scrambled tofu (GF) + £1.50

  • 2 slices bacon or black pudding (GF) + £1

  • 2 sausages (GF) + £2

  • Sauteed peppers (GF) + £1

  • Avocado (GF) + £2

  • Spicy Kimchi (GF) + £1.50

Hank's breakfast sandwiches
(GF option) 

Bacon or sliced sausage on white, wheat or GF bread - £4

Upgrade to a brioche with a hashbrown - £7


Beans on toast (GF option) 
Your choice of bread with our famous beans or Heinz beans - £4.50


Avocado on toast (GF option) 
Sliced avocado on your choice of toasted bread, with a seasoning of lime and chipotle - £4.50




Quiche of the day
Always homemade! Ask about today’s choice - £4.50


Build your own burger 
Just a burger (GF option) - £5
(GF option) - £6

Add the following for £1 each;

  • Bacon (GF)  

  • Extra cheese  

  • 2 onion rings 

  • Lettuce & Tomato (GF) 

  • Spicy Kimchi (GF) 

Add the following for £2 each:

  • Extra Patty

  • Mac N’ Cheese

  • Jalapenos and pepper jack cheese

  • Avocado


Make it gluten free; 
Oumph patty with a gluten free bun - £1.50

All burgers come with signature sauce, gherkins & onion.


Kid’s burger
Linda McCartney Patty served with cheese and tomato sauce on a brioche bun - £5


Soup of the day
Served with your choice of wholemeal, white, sourdough or gluten free lightly toasted bread - £4.50


Dirty fries

Fries, donner meat, pickled red cabbage, tzatziki sauce, hot sauce, grated cheese - £6


Fresh made today


BBQ Chick’n slaw

Marinated, seasoned chickn' pieces, topped with BBQ sauce and served with lettuce, tomato and coleslaw. - £4.95


Chick’n Caesar

Chick’n pieces with fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion and Parmesan cheese topped with homemade caesar dressing. - £4.95


Falafel salad

Tasty falafel balls with fresh salad, hummus and roasted vegetables and a balsamic sauce. - £4.95

All served in a choice of brioche bun or deli wrap.